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Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LLP has moved to its new office located at
205 West Randolph, Suite 1405, Chicago, Illinois.

Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LLP
COVID-19 Reopening Plan and Guidelines
Visitors, Deliveries and Clients

In addition to the guidelines and reopening steps set forth by our Landlord, we are also instituting the following measures and procedures. These are being instituted to try and ensure safety for all employees, as well as any, clients that may visit our office when we reopen. Keep in mind that this is an unprecedented time and we may need to adjust as we move forward. The measures we are implementing are as follows:

Monday through Thursday: If the door is locked and no one is at the front desk, please call either 312-876-0600 or 312-782-2585 to gain access. Please note that our office is temporarily closed on Fridays.

Be safe and healthy.

Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LLP
Response to COVID-19

Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LLP recognizes that during this time of uncertainty, the need for sound legal help is heightened. We want to reassure our clients and our LegalShield Members that we are prepared , we remain vigilant, attentive, and stand ready to serve your legal needs and remain open during these stressful times.

We want you to know that we are open and working at 100% capacity without any service interruptions. As the Illinois LegalShield Provider Law Firm, we are prepared and stand open and ready to support you during this critical time. We are uniquely positioned to be able to have our entire support staff and attorneys work remotely from home without any impact on the quality of the legal services we supply to our Members. We have had a plan in place to be able to move our LegalShield operations off-site and we have implemented the plan. Through investments in technology and having the right people in place, we have been able to continue to assist our Members with their legal needs, even in a time as unprecedented as this.

Our office has been able to help many individuals, families and small businesses in dealing with the legal issues that have and will continue to arise as we all go through the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us at 800-782-2260 or 312-782-2585 if you have legal concerns regarding:

• Travel plans and restrictions, cancellations and reimbursements

• Healthcare access and availability

• Medical forms, healthcare directives and powers of attorney

• Insurance processes and claims

• Housing matters and related bills for essential services

• Childcare concerns and education and school needs or resources

• Wills

We are here to answer these and other questions that might arise as the COVID-19 crisis widens. As this situation continues to shift, we are focused on helping you steer through the volatility. The Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LLP team is here, ready and able to help our Members in their times of need. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at 800-782-2260 or 312-782-2585.

COVID-19 and Estate Planning Considerations

For more information, please visit the LegalShield Coronavirus Legal Resource Center at https://covid19.legalshield.com

Vigorous, Versatile Representation That Makes A Difference

Since 1988 managing partners David L. Shimanovsky and Frank A. Moscardini, Jr. have helped individuals and businesses prepare for the unexpected. Over the past two decades we have upheld our promise to provide exceptional service to our clients. We are a full service law firm with a staff of knowledgeable attorneys in various areas of the law.

From business law to estate planning, we are prepared to guide your legal needs and protect your rights. The firm is also proud to be the Illinois provider law firm for LegalShield. As the Illinois provider law firm for LegalShield, we offer the benefits of an experienced and broad-based legal practice with an emphasis on top quality customer care.

Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LLP

Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LLP
205 West Randolph Street
Suite 1405
Chicago, IL 60606

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